Guides: Employers Expectations and Key Attributes for Outstanding Internship


Employers Expectations and Key Attributes for Outstanding Internship

For most employers, resourcing an industrial training position is as important as resourcing a full-time employee (FTE) position. This underlined by the shared agreement among employers that interns can deliver as much as value to the organization, while honing their skills in what is usually a short stint of training. It is salient that interns don’t simply see their duration of work as a “a tick of the box” exercise. Their stay in the company can set them up for flourishing career much later. There are plethora of expectations that employers usually have of interns, and these are Key Attributes (KH) look out for upon recruitment and even for the duration of time interns stay with the will suffice to highlight a few here.

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The sad reality is that there is a dichotomy between the life of a student student and what is expected of that student after school. Our universities most times are not tailored to equip students with some of those prerequisite soft skills, thus, industrial training period provides a great platform to develop them, as earlier stated, interns usually have short spell, developing on what is obtainable in your school. Thus, there is a need to focus on what is important. As much as possible, learn the rudiments of your specialty while on IT. It is usually a chance to see in practical terms some of the theories espoused by your professors in schools. Seek to understand why thinks are the way in your field of study. This is what distinguishes an electrical engineer from electrician a mechanical engineer from mechanic, etc.    However, it is not enough to learn in your specialty, while on industrial training (IT), ask and seek to understand. The truth is no one in the company will hold any grudge against you for asking questions. On the contrary, you are expected to show that high level of curiosity and interest to learn.

There is also a need for interns to master effective time management. The internship period is short. With plenty to learn. Plan your time while on IT and deliberate about it every minutes. I will tell you an honest truth here. In my career as an HR professional, I usually see IT students do things together. They come to work together, go for lunch together and even go about their day’s job together. While it is grate to integrate and network among fellow interns, you need to realize you are in this for your own personal development journey. No two interns will ever have the same IT experience, and it is sacrosanct to deliberate about your own experience and time. Don’t see yourself as being too young to add value. Plan your time each day.

Perhaps, the most important advice an interns can use in today’s changing labour market is understanding the power of networking and building relationships. These relationships have to be gorged with fellow interns, employees in your place of assignment, and even senior leaders. The period of industrial training  is a fleeting one and the biggest leverage you can give yourself is building relationship that will count for you tomorrow. It is key to strategic while doing this. Be careful not to rub off the wrong way to employees in your place of assignment. Show them you want to learn more from them beyond your core IT specialty, seek for role of models and mentors, understanding that as an interns you have the better part of your life set front of you and be humble.

Written by Samuel Okonkwo


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